Samsung YP-910GS

YP-910GS Napster MP3 Player
Samsung Electronics and Napster are forging a technology and marketing partnership to improve the experience of consumers using digital music. Napster 2.0 will offer music fans access to more than 500,000 tracks of the world's greatest music from all five major record labels and hundreds of independent labels. The Samsung Electronics and Napster partnership is an example of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with innovative products that are simple for everyone to use.

The YP-910GS supports music downloads from Napster, and MusicMatch.

YP-910GS Features

  • 20 GB of Built-in Memory Space (over 5,000 songs)
  • Built-in FM Transmitter
  • Fully Integrated With the Napster 2.0 Music Service
  • Audio Encoding (no PC required - direct from audio outputs via line-in)
  • FM Tuner & Tuner Recording to MP3
  • USB 2.0 Support (backward compatible with USB 1.1)
  • Remote Control
  • MP3, WMA Playback
  • Can Be Used as an External Hard Drive Device for Data Storage
  • Backlight LCD Display
  • User-adjustable EQ
  • 4-line Display
  • Over 10 Hrs. of Playback
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
  • Special Offer: 20 Free Songs From Napster 2.0
  • Supports downloads from Napster, and MusicMatch
  • Preloaded Bonus Music Sampler
  • View Owner's Manual for YP-910GS (Adobe Reader Required)

YP-910GS Technical Specifications:
  • Output Frequency Range-20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio - 90dB with 20KHz LPF (based on 1KHz 0dB)
  • Connection -USB 2.0 (backward compatible with USB 1.1)
  • Transfer Speed Via USB 2.0 - 120 Mbps Max
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 1%
  • Power
  • Built-in 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Over 10 Hrs. Playback Time

  • Windows 2000/Windows XP, Pentium class orequivalent, 64MB of RAM, HD Space: 9 to 12 MB for the Napster Installer and 100 MB forWindows Player 9 Series (if not already installed)

  • Remote Control, Ear Buds, USB 2.0 Cable, USB Charger, Install Disk, FM Transmitter Antenna, Encoding Wire, Carrying Case, User Manual