Samsung YH-J70SB

YH-J70SB 20GB Multi Media Player
With the YH-J70SB you can watch your favorite videos and listen to your favorite music... all with sound quality that is mind blowing.

YHJ70SB Features

A visual treat - Transfer and store digital pictures to view on the 1.8" color display while enjoying the sharp clear sounds that the YH-J70 delivers.

HDD protection system - A Sensor detects if the device is dropped which will stop the HDD to prevent damage.

Supports all leading file formats - The YH-J70 plays MP3, WMA, and WMA-DRM (Janus upgradeable).

YH-J70 Key Specs:

-Available in 20GB/30GB Memory capacities

-Janus Upgradable and JPEG Playback

-8TFT color LCD at 128 X 96 Resolution

-Voice Recording

-USB 2.0 & USB OTG

-Rechargeable Battery (Li-Poly)



The Samsung YH-J70 is a 20GB Multi-Media Player. It supports several of the major media formats including MP3, WMA, and MPEG. Use the built in 1.8" color lcd screen to view videos or switch to music by accessing your downloaded MP3 music files.

YH-J70Technical Specifications:

Memory: 20GB

Storage Type: 1.8 HDD

Compatible File Format:




Supplied Accessories:
-Carrying Case

-In-Line Recording

-Ear Buds

Product Dimensions: 2.5"(W) x 4"(H) x .5"(D)

Product Weight: .3 Lbs.